In between the two Ysaye works came the two duo sonatas of Bartok, which were splendidly played: they were strong and perceptive performances with abundant colour, dynamic subtlety and an unusual sensitivity to the shape of the composer's phrases … In every way it was a memorable evening.
Dennis Rooney - The Strad, New York, USA

The sound of soloist Levon Ambartsumian's violin was a recollection of the long-lost mysterious quality of David Oistrakh's performance, characterized by a complete fullness of tone achieved without any undue pressure or force.”
Kommersant, Moscow, Russia

Levon Ambartsumian's performance is distinguished by its remarkable warmth, an intricately precise technique, peaceful nobility, and a clear insight into the essential idea of a musical work, be it a miniature by Schedrin, a monumental work by Prokofiev or R. Strauss, a Bartok sonata or Debussy's impressionism. [Ambartsumian] is an established maestro who exercises full control over the subtle and delicate nuances of his sound palette, continually seeking and finding new shades and colors in it.”
Muzykalnoe Obozrenie (Music Review), Moscow, Russia

This is a musician who harmoniously combined two different playing styles — the classical and the romantic. The first one leads to discrete precision, the other one bears inner intensity, constant movement and change. Ambartsumian reaches his goal: the audience starts sharing sentiments with the performer, sharing his artistic vision of the musical piece.”
Vecherny Yerevan, Armenia

Levon Ambartsumian presented a spiritualized, unforgettable night to the public … The virtual fireworks in which the artist lit up the stage guaranteed the public's attention. His interpretation of the Russian music (Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Stravinsky) took the audience on a fairy-tale journey where the interpreter's passion and technical perfection were united.”
Elmshorner Nachrichten, Germany

Levon Ambartsumian has prepared a surprise for us: an indescribable demonstration of virtuosity in the arrangement of ‘The Forest King’ by Schubert for violin. An impression was created that two violins were playing… His subtle and perfect interpretation is first of all an interpretation of an intellectual.”
The Canadian Press, Canada

This was masterfully performed music, almost understated, that rippled into the audience with the confident ease of an intellectual who is conscious of his rare talent and is capable of giving it out, and sharing it with his listeners.”
The Cyprus Weekly, Cyprus

In Ambartsumian's playing there is beauty of tone without sacrifice of emotional blood. He brought to the piece not only all the technique necessary, but also romance, bravado, menace and fire. Extraordinary.”
The Herald Times, Bloomington, USA

Piece of genius, inspiring: this is the Moscow Chamber Orchestra which conquered the audience… Each orchestra member is a real musician.”
HAZ-Deister-Anzeiger, Germany

This ensemble fascinated the audience with the very first sounds, and owing to the choice of the pieces of old and new music, it has shown its worth in this concert. It was a very impressive concert. Bright performances, the strength of expressiveness, full of nuances. The superb joint playing of the soloists, strings, continuo characterized the cohesion of this harmonious musical ensemble.”
Deister- und Weserzeitung, Germany

The performance brought a rich, full fruity sound from the twenty string members of the Chamber Orchestra. Not only that, but the reading has heart and soul. There was a throbbing nature of the playing, an intensity of feelings. Everything seemed planned and prepared carefully. And yet, not for a moment was there a lack of spontaneity or vitality. This was a first rate performance.”
The Herald Times, Bloomington, USA

Levon Ambartsumian maintains the tradition of the Russian musical education which leads to perfection. While he strokes the strings of his violin with his bow or conducts his orchestra with his dancing hands, Levon Ambartsumian only thinks to serve the musical work… The public held their breath, astonished by the perfection of the interpretation.”
L'Est Républicain, France

It was a wonderful performance… Subtle and delicate, yet good and lusty when that's what was called for… It was the Tchaikovsky Serenade for Strings that undoubtedly made the greatest impression. It was a high-voltage, utterly idiomatic reading that brought the audience to its feet before its last echoes reached the back of the church… It's a wonder that people were not dancing in the aisles.”
The Ottawa Citizen, Canada

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